Sprite commission for someone on DA! I’m on Hiatus but my sprite commissions are still open u v u just message my other blog it-a pls

if anything i’ll last 2 days but i wont rp on tumblr anymore i like reblogging interests tho

Hiatus- Please read regarding Fantroll Rave

Alright guys. I’ve decided I really cant wait on this anymore. I’ve been driven to a point of just…..not good. And it’s effecting me emotionally in a lot of negative ways.

So I’m going to be spending less time on here. I’m still putting the project together and updating that. PLEASE UNDERSTAND I AM STILL DOING THAT. I’M NOT GOING TO FLUNK IT ON YOU GUYS. SO I WILL POST UPDATES ABOUT IT ON THIS BLOG.

But I really need to take this. And I cant entirely say if I’m going to return or not,or if I’m going to be able to break the habit of being on this blog in the first place. I will only appear for updating and posting of the Rave project.

Rare occasion I might show up to respond to an open every now and then. But I won’t be blogging as much on here anymore for a little while.

If you have ships or plots with me and this concerns you, please message me on skype. My name is ヾノ。ÓvÓ)ノシMoth Princess Ita if you need to find me. I do NOT have any ships with people that I DON’T HAVE in my skype.

Ciao for now- I’m sorry about this tbh, it may take just a week or a few to feel a little better.

Understand for those I’m close with and do like to rp with I’m up for private, just not tumblr.

IF you have questions regarding commissions they will still be opened. Just message my blog it-a though.

I don’t know where you’re going
But do you got room for one more troubled soul?

I’ve been waiting to try and draw some Flight Rising art! So heres me sorta n my favorite Imperial Artemis.

srry guys my connection here is rlly bad that was a duMB IDEA


One of the best scenes in this anime



Olive The Jokes Possibly Kאowא To Alterאiaאs Are אot As Bad As This Oאe!

==> Commence Judgmental Silence

That was sx bad. But…..ughhh A fxr effxrt?



> PFtf Snort


imageXlive whx?



Okay Okay Okay!

> You prep yourself with the most powerful Midblood joke know to all of Troll kind. You are literally the most mellow and ready fellow this world has to offer.


Kאock Kאock

…Whxs there?



Well I Certaiאly Do Kאow What You Meaא.
Maybe You Have Hit Some Sort Of Life Slump?


> You think for a moment, prodding your chin with your fingers and taking the few second to plot your next thought.

I Certaiאly Do Uאderstaאd Your Feeliאgs Though.

Its Sort Of Just You Waאtiאg So Much To Be Happy But אo Matter How Hard You Try To You Caא’T.

Very Tough Times Iאdeed.


Mayhaps I Should Tell You A Joke!

I Kאow Several Alterאiaא Aאd Beforiaא Joke Books I Have Coאsulted!

uh….sure I guess if you want tx gx fxr it.